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Backyards and Baby Bumps

One of my dearest friends and her husband were expecting a baby for what felt like all of 2020. She is the first in our friend group to be expecting and I was incredibly excited to have a little "niece". So naturally, I had to snap a few maternity photos for my friend, battling sunlight and cold temperatures. Because of the weather, we opted for a warmer outfit and for using their backyard as the location. Everything turned out great! About a month later, their daughter was born with all ten toes and fingers and lots of hair. (Fun fact: today is her third month birthday!) Enjoy this little series of photos.

If considering your own maternity session but not sure if it is worth it, trust me when I say that you will want to remember that brief moment in yours and your child's life. Totally worth it. Contact us to book your own session.

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