• The Wanderess

Dreamy October Wedding

Tia and Austin reached out last year in the middle of July to book us for their wedding videography in October. I was nervous because Tia herself is into the visual arts. In fact we met via a Pittsburgh group on Facebook for photographers. (Do any of you artists feel intimidated by others? Maybe it's just me.) But when I met Tia and Austin, I instantly knew how awesome and chill their wedding was going to be. Firstly, they drove a long way for our initial meeting at my local Dunkin. That doesn't happen often. At the meeting, we sat outside in the sunny heat discussing what their wedding would be like in October: held on a private farm complete with a pond, pretty sunflowers, and an amazing couple. The months flew by and we went and captured one of the best weddings I've attended. It was a beautiful autumn day with a wonderful group of people. Can we do it again?!

Take a peek at the highlights from their day:

For those more invested in the new Reese fam, here is their full cinematic film:

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